Q: Why do we need help from Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

A: The initial setup of QuickBooks is a critical step in maximizing its value. QuickBooks offers powerful functionality, but each business requires a unique setup and will use the functions in a unique manner. We will save you valuable time by providing the proper setup and teaching you the functions most useful for your business.

QuickBooks doesn't require accounting knowledge to use. So you can do much of the work yourself, if you choose. We will review and correct mistakes to keep your books straight.
We are available whenever you encounter a problem by telephone, email or in person for your convenience.

Q: What are the advantages of using QuickBooks instead of using pencil and paper or spreadsheets?

A: 1. Track cash flow more easily and more accurately
2. Pay bills and record expenses in one easy step
3. Create estimates or invoices in seconds with automatic formulas
4. Store all of your customer, vendor and employee information is in one place
5. See a snapshot of your business at anytime
6. No accounting knowledge necessary
7. Painlessly prepare for tax time
8. Easy and even fun to use
9. Save your time!!!! More time to focus on your business.

Q: Do I need to buy QuickBooks Software? I don't want to do daily data entries by myself.

A: No, we can take care of everything related to accounting as an outsourced accounting department, enabling you to focus on your important business.

Q: Do I have to buy a new version of software every year?

A: No, many businesses use the same version for several years.

Q: Should I use on-line version or PC version of QuickBooks?

A: QB on-line may be right for your business if you need access in multiple locations. You'll store your data successfully on the web and access anywhere you have an internet connection. QB on-line is ideal for people who travel for business or have off-site employees and do not need inventory tracking or on-line banking. These functions are available only in the PC version. Monthly fee is required.

Q: I'd like to use it myself, but how do I know if I'm doing it correctly?

A: We can provide as much or as little training as you need, as well as a review of your entries and statements.