Welcome to BookSoEasy

As an entrepreneur, your business is your passion. Unless you are also an accountant, that passion probably doesn't include daily bookkeeping and balancing accounts.

Our passion is organizing your books and letting you focus on what you do best. Often entrepreneurs and business owners want to stay away from daily bookkeeping work and focus on their business, but having an eye on their current financial picture is also critical to running their business.

We have a solution.

We can take care of every level of monthly accounting requirements and act as a complete offsite accounting department. Why maintain a full-time, in-house bookkeeping staff when all your bookkeeping can be handled in a more efficient, less expensive way? The cost of a full-time bookkeeper is extremely expensive. We can provide the same service and more at a fraction of the cost. In addition to organizing books and getting you set up on QuickBooks, we can train you to use it yourself or keep it current for you. In this way, we can deliver all the information you need to run your business, and create customized reports as needed. The key to using QuickBooks successfully is proper setup. QuickBooks is the ideal accounting package for nearly all small and medium size businesses. When set up and used correctly, QuickBooks will make your accounting faster and easier. It will also give you clean, correct and reliable numbers for management decisions, tax returns and financial statement preparation. Moreover, by leveraging our many years of experience, you'll get the most for your investment and always have access to the real-time financial information you need.

Our years of experience and a QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification, ensure that your business is organized correctly and your questions are addressed efficiently and effectively. Most issues we encounter require an understanding of both the QuickBooks software and the underlying accounting principals. We have a passion for solving these issues and providing you with the organization and information your business needs. Our greatest success is when your business begins to realize its true potential.